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For the love of Catgirls!



If you like cool CATGIRL characters from Japanese Anime, Manga, and Video Games then this club is for you!

:bulletpink:ARTISTS ONLY!:bulletpink: this means that you must draw or create Anime-catgirl related art and must have some in your gallery. If you do not meet this criteria your join request will be DECLINED.

:bulletorange: Join requests will be checked to verify that you actually have artwork in your gallery to become a member. If you want to see the submitted artwork in your inbox, all you need to do is WATCH the group. If you want to be an admin, say so in your request.

This club is ONLY for catgirl art! No other kind of art will be accepted!

:bulletpurple::bulletpink::bulletorange::bulletyellow:SUBMISSION RULES:bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletpink::bulletpurple:

They may sound a bit strict but they are intended for the maximum possible enjoyment of anyone who joins the group, and also will help to build a club of people who love cat-eared lasses of Japanese Anime form.

:bulletpurple: Submissions to members are limited to 7 PER WEEK and are subject to a voting process.

:bulletblue: Submit your artwork to the appropriate folder.

:bulletpurple: FINISHED ARTWORK ONLY PLEASE! You may only submit works that have been drawn, inked, colored, either with digital or traditional mediums and are completed.

:bulletblue: Preferred art will be in Japanese Animation or Manga style. Digital renditions of characters are allowed, as well as catgirls rendered in your own style as long as it embodies the aspects of a japanese style anime catgirl.

:bulletpurple: FAN ART submissions are OK. Fan art of actual anime catgirl characters is preferred. Using a normal "human" character and sticking cat ears may be allowed, but please don't over use it.

:bulletblue: Sorry, NO Fox girls, bunny girls, dog girls, horse girls, etc. We want CAT GIRLS ONLY! Also no anthro or furry art. If your character leans more towards a humanoid furry, it may be allowed.

:bulletpurple: Comic book pages, memes, line art, sketches, doodles or unclear photographs of your drawings, are NOT ALLOWED. Character sheets are permitted.

:bulletblue: DRAWINGS THAT HAVE MULTIPLE CHARACTERS-- The main character of the drawing MUST be a catgirl! Pretty simple!

:bulletpurple: NO excessive violence, blood, gore or horror allowed.

:bulletblue: COSPLAY submissions are OK. However, you must be prominently cosplaying a catgirl character. Submit a good quality shot of your finished costume, no progress pictures please.

:bulletpurple: NO ART THEFT! - I will personally report violators to DA and ban them from the group. You must submit your own original work or photos. No tracing of anime stills, no copying of existing artwork, no posting of scanned artwork or images you find on the internet. This is simply NOT tolerated! Period!

:bulletblue: NO HENTAI! We're trying to keep this group PG-13. Nudes that don't fully show private areas, or sexy/suggestive poses will be accepted. Make sure your artwork shows no nipples or genitalia! Depictions of sexual acts are certainly not acceptable, follow DA guidelines. Please keep your work relatively "clean" so as not to offend other users and fans.

:bulletpurple: Don't be discouraged if your work is rejected. Work can be rejected for a number of reasons. Make sure you followed the rules and submit your very best work!

Anime Conventions April 2014!

Anime Conventions
April 2014!

Gallery Folders

z Test Folder

Newest Members

You'll find the list posted in the box down on the lower left of our home page. I hope you meet each other at some of them!

I'll be at Sakuracon in Seattle, looking for a somewhat exhausted coworker, as we're both pulling 10-12 hours the two previous days. You'll see us shuffling around half asleep, probably holding massive cups of coffee, laden down with a ridiculous amount of merchandise. I'll be the one slumped over a walker, or drooling in a wheelchair, muttering something about fan service, with a camera in a death grip in one hand.

Don't trust me though. My hands work perfectly well, despite how harmless I may insist I am.

Ack! Did I type that aloud?!
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Welcome to Anime-Catgirls!

This group is a labor of love to showcase anime and manga style artwork of all kitty eared girls, be it from an anime series, manga, video game, or in cosplay form =^_^=

If you would like to contribute artwork to the group please join as a Member to submit work. Please read the submission rules and follow the guidelines.

Here is a helpful list of catgirls in anime and other fictional works:…

Founding Nekomimi

Ikuto Guardian




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StormyRoyalz 3 days ago  New member Student General Artist
Thanks for having my art.i'd love to join this group
TheHyrulianHero12 3 days ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
I've seen them. Wonderful! x
StormyRoyalz 3 days ago  New member Student General Artist
Thank you. :D. o
TheHyrulianHero12 3 days ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
No problem ^^ x
TheHyrulianHero12 4 days ago  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Would you be able to add my cat pictures for me? =^-^= Nya!
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