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For the love of Catgirls!



If you like cool CATGIRL characters from Japanese Anime, Manga, and Video Games then this Group is for you!

:bulletpink:Everyone is welcome to Join!:bulletpink: Join requests will be checked to verify that you actually have artwork in your gallery or favorites to become a member. If you want to see the submitted artwork in your inbox, all you need to do is WATCH the group. If you want to be an admin, say so in your request. Membership is voted on and may or may not result in approval. No art in your gallery or favorites almost always results in a rejection. If you want to be an admin, say so in your request.

This group is ONLY for Catgirl art! No other kind of art will be accepted! There's a difference between a girl that's a cat vs. a Catgirl. The best definitions are at Wikipedia and TV Tropes.

:bulletpurple::bulletpink::bulletorange::bulletyellow:SUBMISSION RULES:bulletyellow::bulletorange::bulletpink::bulletpurple:

They may sound a bit strict but they are intended for the maximum possible enjoyment of anyone who joins the Group, and also will help to build a community of people who love cat-eared lasses of Japanese Anime form.

:bulletpurple: Submissions from members are limited to unlimited number per week, unless there's a maximum imposed by deviantART and are subject to a voting process.

:bulletblue: Submit your artwork to the appropriate folder.

:bulletpurple: FINISHED ARTWORK ONLY PLEASE! You may only submit works that have been drawn, inked, colored, either with digital or traditional mediums and are completed. Grayscale and Ink Wash are acceptable.

:bulletblue: Preferred art will be in Japanese Animation or Manga style. Digital renditions of characters are allowed, as well as catgirls rendered in your own style as long as it embodies the aspects of a japanese style anime catgirl.

:bulletpurple: FAN ART submissions are OK. Fan art of actual anime catgirl characters is preferred. Using a normal "human" character and sticking cat ears may be allowed, but please don't over use it.

:bulletblue: Sorry, NO Fox girls, bunny girls, dog girls, horse girls, etc. We want CATGIRLS ONLY! Also no anthro or furry art. If your character leans more towards a humanoid furry, it may be allowed. TV Tropes has the best definition of what ISN'T a Catgirl.

:bulletpurple: Comic book pages, memes, line art, sketches, doodles or unclear photographs of your drawings, are NOT ALLOWED. Character sheets are permitted.

:bulletblue: DRAWINGS THAT HAVE MULTIPLE CHARACTERS-- The main character of the drawing MUST be a catgirl! Pretty simple!

:bulletpurple: NO excessive violence, blood, gore or horror allowed.

:bulletblue: COSPLAY submissions are OK. However, you must be prominently cosplaying a catgirl character. Submit a good quality shot of your finished costume, no progress pictures please.

:bulletpurple: Copyright and Mature Content issues are resolved by deviantART. Obviously, you can submit anything, so if the artwork passes the voting process, but is removed from DA, your piece simply vanishes from our Galleries. Should you be banned from DA, any reference to your "handle" becomes struck through, and all links to your home page become broken. YOU are responsible for what you see, what you make, and what you can do on deviantART. We do have a Hentai folder that has strong adult content. Refer to the folder description to see what qualifies as acceptable Hentai.

FAQ #8: What are violations of the deviantART copyright policy?

FAQ #220: What is Mature Content?

FAQ #93: How does the Mature Content option work?

:bulletpurple: Don't be discouraged if your work is rejected. Work can be rejected for a number of reasons. Make sure you followed the rules and submit your very best work!

revised: July 25, 2014

Anime Convention List Will Be Back!

Sep 9

Due to time constraints, I haven't had a chance to post this months convention list, so if you follow them, please be patient. I'll try to get them posted next Sunday or Monday. Thanks for your patience!



Welcome to Anime-Catgirls!

This group is a labor of love to showcase anime and manga style artwork of all kitty eared girls, be it from an anime series, manga, video game, or in cosplay form =^_^=

If you would like to contribute artwork to the group please join as a Member to submit work. Please read the submission rules and follow the guidelines.

Here is a helpful list of catgirls in anime and other fictional works:…

Founding Nekomimi

Ikuto Guardian


Hi guys, and happy Thanksgivings Day! I'm here because I'm coughing up my lungs, and the rest of my family is visiting my elderly mother-in-law, and I don't want to pass this along to her.

I've been quiet, but I have been actively involved in voting and watching what's been happening and I think it's time to clarify a few things. I can't expect anyone to read my mind, so if I don't say what's expected, then I have no one to blame but myself. And heaven help you if you're the actual artist doing these things.

The following is unacceptable, and while I don't mind quietly moving or removing items from the galleries, I'd prefer not having to do so in the first place.

1. Flooding: Submitting the same piece of art/photo to more than one gallery. Just pick the gallery you think it applies to and submit it there. Even if it's the wrong gallery, I'll move it later. Don't sweat it.

2. Furries/Anthros: It's Anime Catgirls. Not Girl Cats. Before you submit a piece, take a look at where the artist submitted it. Many of the Deviant art categories actually have Anthro in the title. If it says Anthro in the category, it doesn't belong here. I'll maintain exactly one page of accidentally voted in Anthro in the Whoops, Anthro gallery, but that's it. Technically, Felicia is an Anthro, but that's the only exception in this group.

If you're not sure, and it doesn't say Anthro in the Deviant category, while it is meant to be humorous, see…

This is a pet peeve of mine. Please stop. Especially if you're the artist submitting it. If you flood AND submit anthros AND are the artist, I'm going to have to come to your house and throw my grumpy 18 year old cat at you. She displaced an annoying, clingy stripper from my apartment when she was a kitten and put a veterinary intern in the hospital once. I have 6 dogs and 3 other cats and they're all terrified of her. And she can barely walk anymore.

         Black, Purple and Zoe by JackDSRS

3. Sometimes what looks like a Catgirl isn't a Catgirl. The most common mistake is an androgynous Catboy or a Foxgirl. Look it up before submitting it. View the full-size image, not just the thumbnail. Check Google, Wikipedia, Duck Duck Go (if you're paranoid) AnimeNation, Anime News, 4chan (heh), browse RightStuf, or ask the 8-year-old One Piece addict that lives next door to you.

4. While I understand protecting your character/image is important, the idea is Anime Catgirls, not Watermark That Happens To Have An Anime Catgirl Hidden Behind It. We want to enjoy your art, not your clever, glorious, obliterating watermark.

5. Speaking of copyright issues, it's not in our purview to enforce or interpret copyright issues. We don't own DeviantART. If you feel a piece violates copyright law, report it to DeviantART. If they agree, they'll remove the artwork, and it'll disappear from our galleries. Copyright varies from country to country, locality to locality. It's an issue way too complicated and legally liable for us humble members and moderators to attempt to speculate. That's why we don't get paid, and they do.

6. Bikinis didn't have thigh-high stockings last time I was on the beach. That's lingerie. It goes anyplace else. No harm, no foul. :) You know who you are. I still love your submissions though, so don't stop.

7. Cartoon panels look cool, but without context, they don't make sense which is why they aren't allowed. It's like telling the middle of a joke, without the first part, or the punchline.

Alright, don't mean to sound cranky, but I coughed up a lung earlier, and cranky cat is smacking at my keyboard while I've been trying to type this. When my family gets back with turkey, and I can stuff myself into unconsciousness, I'll be too dopey to be snarky, but please keep these key items in mind. Before a lot of you were born, a guy had a home improvement show where his quote was, "Measure twice, cut once." Apply it here. Think carefully about what you're submitting, and where you're going to submit it to. Does it even have cat ears? Remember, I have a cranky 18-year-old dangerous cat, and I'm not afraid to use her.

If you have a question, drop me a note. Adding a comment will result in an answer through clenched teeth. Clench fingers? Ah hell, I'll just let the cat type.

"Get off my damn lawn! Punk kids!"
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Does anyone here rp yuri?
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I have a lot of disappointment devianart, by letting people like the-art-thief-police,musicartpokemonponys, crowphes and between several people decide what should be published and that it is not due to publish. I never said that these images are my own, I admire and respect to all the artists, but that doesn't mean that they are mine, are as a tribute to them. But people like these people who are self-proclaimed Police think of art as well, then there will not be the right to express ourselves, and transmit our tastes.
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